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We appreciate the fact that your school / company is willing to organize a fund raising for our foundation. Of course we do our best to support you with materials and information about our projects in Kenya. This is what we can offer you:
* photos (people, animals, nature, schools....)
* DVD with information about "our" schools
* Presentations
* Newsletters
* Posters
* Music
* and if you need more... just let us know!

Students of primary school De Wadden in Haarlem (The Netherlands) made a special website for our foundation. The title of the website iss "Sema ndio kwa Watoto". This is Kiswahili and means:  "Say yes to the children". Click on the logo (the picture below) to go this special website. Especially recommended if you need more information about Kenya (or Africa) for your own presentations.


To keep it simple we will mention two types of volunteers: 
1 - people in Netherlands (or another country) whoare willing to do fund raising for our foundation, help us with publicity or do presentations about our work: you are more than welcome
2 - people who want to do practical voluntary work in Kenya at one of our projects.

We work together with the Kenyan NGO Bidii. Task of Bidii is to co-ordinate and supervise our Kambiri projects: special primary school, community center, education, and more. If you like our activities and you want to do voluntary work in Kenya for at least three weeks, then do not hesitate to contact us.